Hey boys, how are you all doing? It has been quite awhile and hope things are going well for everyone. Things have been busy over here. Had a lull due to holidays for school. I was finding it a tad long because you just want to jump into things and get it done. The program itself is long enough so you just want to plow through it. So that being said here is where school stands. Right now we are going through suspension so doing anything relating to shocks, springs, steering, bushings, etc is being dealt with. Last night I removed a rack and pinion from a Honda Accord. Working on cars closely you get to appreciate how they are designed and learn what is good design versus bad design. While Honda’s are generally great cars overall, I can tell you removing a rack and pinion from their car is more difficult then it should be compared to say an Echo or even an older 92 Acclaim. It was almost designed for people with tiny hands to work on.

That being said remember this summer boys who want to get cheap work done on their car I will be able to work on your suspensions, oil changes, engines, brakes. I will probably be able to even do alignments as long as I am in school as well since I have access to their alignment machine. It is pretty cool consisting of 64 laser camera’s that calculate the degrees your wheels are off. If you guys are interesting start providing me some info on your cars as I would keep track of them.

Speaking of designs of cars, the Camaro is going alright. I am changing the ball joints and rotors at the moment. I am having trouble with the ball joints as they are riveted in. So I have to drill through the rivets. I currently did a 1/8 hole through the rivets however I need to enlarge the hole.Suffice it to say it can be rather long with drilling steel. Apparently back in the day one of the more common parts to change in suspensions, GM was convinced that hey it will last for the cars life. These days they are bolted or are pressed in with a clip.

Life has been good all around. Miss seeing everyone. My schedule is fucked up that is for sure. I get home around 11pm, get to bed by 1am, wake up at 6am, take Lucas to day care and then get a few z’s when I get back and pray I don’t sleep till lunch. That is something particularly irritating. Pretty much since my last hospital stay way back a few months ago I have never been able to hop back onto my old lack of sleep schedule I used to have. Whether this is age or my bodies way of bringing me down to earth I have no idea. But it bothers me on some level.

I checked out Tron: Legacy on the weekend. Holy crap did I love it. Pure fan service and the story was pretty interesting. I know reviews out there are mixed on it, but I totally enjoyed it. Tomorrow I am hitting up the Montreal Auto Show with my school. Should be interesting. Last auto show I went to was when I was very young and not very interested. So now seeing what is coming out and some new technologies will be good.

That’s it for now gentlemen. Take it easy!

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