So, what is going on?

Hey everyone, what is going on? Hope everything is going well with everyone. Things are doing ok over here. Wish I could say there was tons of news to go around but seems like just the daily grind. So for what is new, for one I just built a gazebo / tent / sun block thingy. Everyone uses a different term for them so keeping the dialogue open lol So yeah built that 10 x 15 gazebo about a week ago. Now we just have to install our PVC fence which is now decorating our driveway and put in some more shrubs. I think that is the one thing I hate the most about having a home is yard work. The day I can afford someone to do it I certainly will, I personally am not a fan.

School is going good, no complaints there. We just did a computer module so now a pro at diagnosing issues on the car that are electrical and / or throwing a check engine light. Now we are currently doing transmissions. We focused mainly on manual transmissions so we took them apart and rebuilt them from scratch. It’s surprisingly very easy to do. Now we have jumped onto differentials but that is a shortish topic as they are quite easy to handle as well. It’s more about their adjustments that make it somewhat complicated. I have an award ceremony coming up soon which is held by the government and sponsored by automotive companies and tool companies. It’s called the Meritas awards and I was selected to get one about a month back. Basically it’s an award given by peers (fellow classmates) and also based on your attendance, results, helpfulness, etc. So it’s pretty awesome to get and apparently there is lots of expensive swag to be received on behalf of the sponsors. No complaints from me on that one. Just a matter of what this june it is. Will post picks of the swanky dinner.

The Camaro is getting along. You take apart one thing but then half to take apart another thing as well to help complete the job. It’s amazing what the previous owner(s) ripped out that should not have been. Cleaning up the mess is a huge hassle but it’s a learning experience so I cannot totally complain about it. Sometimes though I just wished it would go a bit easier because when it goes well, it goes fast.

I got a 1987 Pontiac Fiero coming in sometime soon. I have been meaning to pick up manual but it was never a real rush. However I have tried recently to find some odd car jobs. Jockey at Toyota or even doing some aesthetic work but you always need to know manual as a requirement which is logical. Anyways, a buddy of mine at school had this Fiero which has been with his family since the dawn of time but being in the family so long, they just want to be rid of it. The car is in pretty great shape. Will need to freshen the paint job but mechanic wise all that is need is a fluid job, spark plug change, brake pad change and a water pump change. The pump is even provided. Plus it comes with a set of 14 inch rims with winter tires. The tires I could care less about but the rims I can clean and use for my Camaro since 14 is their original tire size. So literally it saves for spending $200 in rims. And even better, he is selling me the car for $450. Now I might get caught with something by surprise mind you but overall if it pans out then it’s a quick buck made. None worked on Fiero can start at $1500. They have become even more of a rarity these days. So yeah it will solve a lot of problems and a small easy flip to boot.

And yeah that is pretty much it on this end.

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