Hey everybody, hope all is well. Just want to say thanks for the b-day wishes from people. Much appreciated. I haven’t really had too much time to take to even thank people. I started working at Canadian Tire last monday. I do roughly 30 hours right now plush my school so it’s pretty tiring. I had some days where I wake up for 6am, go to work for 8 and then come home after school at 11pm. But despite it I actually really enjoy working at CT. They are a pretty good bunch and potential horror stories of unqualified people and not true at least at my location. Pretty much the job is tire changing, oil changes, light changes but I also go opportunities to jump on doing actual mechanic work by changing a ball joint and starter. I got to drive some pretty sweet rides. We even had a lambo come in last weekend for tire air which was pretty fucked up. But hey, will not complain about a lambo in the shop. I particularly enjoy things because you see a wide variety of cars and not the same old ones. Diversity is always a plus. School is going good. In fact I have an exam tonight on heating and cooling. Pretty easy stuff. I should be ok seeing as how I helped teach people how to do diagnostics on the system. But hey, you never know. So the Camaro engine is done. Did that about 2 weeks ago. It’s pretty that is for sure so now just tackling the body stuff. Almost done mwahahaha Well, I must head off, Lucas to daycare and me tackling some things around the home. Take care everyone. For halloween the saturday may be a no go with work now but should be briefly there friday, of course for the typical send off brunch. But my schedule is subject to changes so will have more info when the time comes. Oh and very nice army Chris. i wish the sisters were much easier to collect.

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