Busy Bee

Hey folks, how is everyone going? Hope all is well. Been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. Had the seasonal summer tire rush so been recovering from that. My shoulder is a bit fucked up now and my lower back is also a bit wonky but I always had problems with the back so no surprise there. But while aches and pains show up all has been pretty good. Have been trying o find some jobs closer to home but being the off season now it’s rather difficult. Hoping something bites as something a little more permanent then seasonal would be great.

With my off days now I have been tackling the fiero to which I can say is 85% done. I have a muffler arriving soonish from the states so with that installed the car will be done. That will be good. It was a shortish project car which was nice. So now will enjoy it for a bit and sell it off. I don’t think too much trouble will be had selling it.

I did get a wicked sunburn working on it though. Holy cow is it hurting today lol But who can complain about awesome weather. Anyways, back to work I go. Hope everyone is taking it easy and having fun.

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