Fiero Project Update: Sweet Smell of Gas

So. seem’s about time to put an update here lol

Been working on the Fiero recently now that the weather is getting nicer and I can finally work outside. To update on the project, the car was bought on the cheap. No engine start. Ok so we discover A) we have no spark B) no fuel reaching the engine.

Before the holidays I managed to put in a new ignition system. So you have the ignition module which sits on the side of the engine with two coil packs on top. Module gets electricity, sends to the coil packs and then to the spark wires. Poor design concept to begin with as the heat from the engine eventually fries the module or the packs.

With no wasting time I decided to change the whole thing. Start fresh and any other problem concerning spark is a wiring issue.

Now for the fuel we got none coming to the single point injector. Car was sitting for a few years with no use meaning you could have a few potential issues. For one the relay for the fuel pump could be malfunctioning. Gas in the tank over the years makes the gas almost inert making it not really very combustible anymore as it’s a mix of gas, water and contaminants. Fuel pump filter also gets clogged and the pump can malfunction.

That being said I decided to go the change the whole thing route. I got a fuel pump and new relay. The relay installs simple enough located in a friendly area in the engine compartment. Fuel pump unfortunately has me taking the tank off the car. The tank on a Fiero is slim and runs the center length of the car. Interesting in space saving and keeping center of gravity through weigh distribution.I managed to remove the tanks straps and dropped the tank somewhat today. I saw some of the contents of the tank come out when I disconnected one of the lines. I got a nice little waterfall of gas luckily caught mostly by a tub. The rest was on my arm lol

Hopefully Tue and Wed when I have off I will disconnect the rest so I can finally completely remove the rank. I plan of doing a flush of the interior. I checked out various articles on hot roding and mechanic web sites. They say you empty contents, put some acetone and if you can either roofing nails or medium sized gravel. Slosh it around and that will discharge any rust and clean it out. Rinse and all should be good. From there I can fill it again or for further prevention there is a liquid sealer I can also slosh around to make a protective coating. I plan on cleaning the exterior and also changing the gas straps.

Where I am at right now is getting that done and then we will see where we are at. The engine can turn so it is not seized. This is good. So now it is just getting the basics going. Once the car starts anything else can usually get diagnosed electrically or systematically.

It’s a fun project. Less to do in things compared to the Camaro which is good. Just takes some time when you have to put finances to it.

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