Hello all

Carl can’t be the only one keeping this blog alive.

Just sitting at work waiting for a client to finish recording some audio for a webcast they are doing tomorrow.

Been playing a few things on steam. Finally got a legit copy of portals 2 during the steam sales and me and Sarah have been popping in there every now and then.

We have also had some success with a few mouseguard and marvel sessions over at Curts. Loving both, and can’t wait to play again.

Went to Washington this weekend on a whim. Never been, thought it would be nice…. we decided to drive so I snuck out on Friday and we headed over. Only light traffic, still took us till one in the morning before we got there. It was nice, but we didn’t get to go to the spy museum.

We got a good deal on the hotel, we stayed on capital hill, and we could see the capital building from our hotel, nice. We headed out from there to the washington monument, then the whitehouse, natural history museum and finally the Lincoln memorial, which was getting washed because of a vandal apparently. It’s not everyday you see a man power-washing Lincoln’s crotch. We hoped in a cab just before it started to rain and headed back to the hotel. I highly recommend the visit, especially if you like museums; the place is littered with them.

Anyways, it’s nice to see the blog is still here, I visit it now and then, even if it is only to lurk.

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    Yeah, the blog is essentially dead in the water, but it’s nice to keep around. My hosting is cheap and I don’t want my domains to expire.

    That’s definitely a sight to remember: someone power-washing Lincoln’s crotch. Glad you guys had a good time there.

    I saw that you guys were playing Portal 2 co-op. That’s awesome! And yes, Mouse Guard and Marvel are going great and I can’t wait to resume the latter soonly.

    As for what’s been going on, not that much, actually. Work work work. House house house. Getting quotes on having our ensuite redone.

    RPG-wise, Dungeon World on Monday nights is going swimmingly (and continues to be my favourite D&D since D&D), Dresden’s going pretty well every other week (when we’re not cancelling sessions because people are busy, anyway), and we’re all prepping for Carl’s play-by-post academic Cthulhu campaign. I also read the Torchbearer PDF from the Kickstarter and it’s sexy (it’s D&D, but with Mouse Guard rules). Beyond all that, John, Neil, and I are headed to Gen-Con in a couple of weeks. Definitely excited about that. It’s a 9-hour drive, but that should be okay. The Boston one wasn’t so bad when we went for PAX East in 2010.

    Been playing a lot of videogames. I beat Dark Souls on the PS3 on the weekend, which I feel is an achievement. It was easier than Demon’s Souls, but not by much. Now I’ve doubled down on Shadowrun Returns, which I feel is Kickstarter cash well spent. It’s really fun, and certainly makes me interested in running a Shadowrun game at some point in the future. So many game ideas! Also, I have a pretty big haul of stuff to chew through after the Steam sale that I need to get to. And before that, I need to clear up space. Space occupied by Hitman: Absolution. It’s alright, not great (Contracts and Blood Money were better), which makes it hard to burn through quickly. But it’s also occupying 20gb of space that I could use for other games.

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