Fiero Project Update

Sup guys, hope all is well. Things are going good over here. Cannot particularly complain. Work has been going good which is always a plus. Assistant manager got the axe recently so I think I am being groomed for the position. Slowly getting more responsibilities, etc. Not holding my breath as I have been screwed over many a time for a promo so not raising expectations. We finally hit our slow period of the year. Kind of that awkward moment where everyone is too busy with school but too early for winter tires. Makes for a few boring days but we manage.
Fiero is at work now. Got a notice from the town to move it so luckily I am able to stash it at work and now working with some friends to get it going. Well actually it is going now. We started the engine roughly two weeks ago. Was very nice to hear it roar for the first time. It is fun though as my friend who is a master mechanic is helping me learn along the way. The goal now is to make it pass a CAA inspection so it can be plated here in quebec. They tend to be strict so we are working out all the details. It’s a big investment in one shot to do which I am not happy about but on the other hand the fine from the town could be much more painful had I left it there. Also not that the car is mobile in a worse case situation I could put it in the back yard by removing a fence panel and driving it through.Mind you it is a worse case scenario.

But we have been putting time after shifts to work on it. Major problem of the engine not starting is out of the way. Injector was missing an o-ring so the engine flooded almost immediately and couldn’t budge. With that fixed it fired right up like a champ. Had to replace the exhaust manifold as it was cracked. With that done now it’s minor stuff. I have a friend who is a professional body shop guy who will paint the car with new material called Plastic Dip. It’s as the name suggests in that it is a plastic paint. It seem’s to be the new wave now because the day you decide to repaint, you essentially need to scrap a chunk off and pull. The whole coating tears away. It sounds fragile but it’s actually very durable. Ideally the car should be done mid september. Need parts from the states still. But were there. I have been actually quite lucky as all problems we encountered we managed to resolve without any huge expenditures. I think the most expensive thing right now is the tires. Bought the most cheap I could but it add’s up.

It’s funny though as the Fiero comes off as being a “cheap” car. A sports car for the poor man. Maybe in the day it was. Driving it though is a lot of fun. You really ride low to the ground compared to all other cars.Also with the way your dash in setup by being flat on a 90 angle in front of you is old school and interesting. Oh and the flip lights? Yeah those are fun just for the sake of it. I think all the guys at the garage have fallen in love with that one feature alone. It seem’s silly when you think about it but the concept of flip lights is still cool to this day.

I commend GM for making a car that is infuriating at times to work on. One of the problems we encountered was the seat not moving forward. So to take it out you have two bolt in the front. Very tight space but doable with a flat wrench. But the back ones….OMFG!! You literally need to use a mini jack to lift the front so you can “try” and reach the back ones because they thought “let’s put the bolts under the seat in the back rather then facing outwards to be more accessible”. It’s the little things that drive you crazy sometimes.

Will try and take some pictures of it at work