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Hello folks, I hope everyone is doing good. Things are pretty good over here. Lot’s of work lately so been pretty tired. I am back more working in the garage these days so getting more in shape for the upcoming rush. Should go good this year but will be tiring. Been thinking a lot about work lately. Been looking for something a bit more normal schedule wise. Feeling worn down and just tired of the always fluctuating schedule. Fortune smiled upon me though.

So it seem’s there is a new garage being built in Ville Lasalle. My old assistant manager is working for them and setting up a team for this new location. He asked me to go work there for a much better pay day. I would pretty much be paid on par to what I was earning in IT which is great. I told him fuck yeah but I wanted to take two guys with me from my current work to come with me. If we are setting up a new garage I want a team that can work well together, get things done and as a bonus already familiar with. So I got my wish. Works out for all involved so I am pretty psyched. Should open shortly after christmas time. Look forward to working with modern equipment.

I hit the ripe age of 33 last week. Was ok. Wish my day had been a tad more exciting however I worked and by the time Lucas was in bed I totally dozed off on the couch. Nice way to celebrate eh lol But I got an awesome Dr Who t-shift from Marie along with a Tassimo coffee machine. I was leary about these machines but holy crap is the coffee good! There are some brands better then others so trying out all the brands out there.

Been getting some gaming in. Got Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. What a fantastic game. Holy crap is it good. From what I understand it follows the Transformers Prime universe so not exactly G1 canon. That’s ok but there are some things like the Dino bots that have their roots being created on earth. Not sure if this gets addressed somehow in game. At any rate it’s plain old awesome. I do hope for more games in this series but would also very much like a true G1 game.

For Marie b-day I got her classic french literature from 1862. It’s impressive to hold a book that old in your hand.

I also watch Walking Dead Season 3 which was most excellent as well as Breaking bad till Season 6. Now I started on Weeds which is a very humorous show. Highly recommended.

And yeah that is it. Wish there was more going on but unfortunately not. I am just looking forward to a more steady schedule. It’s much needed at this point. Hope all is well with everyone.





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