New Stuff

Hello folks, I hope everyone is doing good. Things are pretty good over here. Lot’s of work lately so been pretty tired. I am back more working in the garage these days so getting more in shape for the upcoming rush. Should go good this year but will be tiring. Been thinking a lot about work lately. Been looking for something a bit more normal schedule wise. Feeling worn down and just tired of the always fluctuating schedule. Fortune smiled upon me though.

So it seem’s there is a new garage being built in Ville Lasalle. My old assistant manager is working for them and setting up a team for this new location. He asked me to go work there for a much better pay day. I would pretty much be paid on par to what I was earning in IT which is great. I told him fuck yeah but I wanted to take two guys with me from my current work to come with me. If we are setting up a new garage I want a team that can work well together, get things done and as a bonus already familiar with. So I got my wish. Works out for all involved so I am pretty psyched. Should open shortly after christmas time. Look forward to working with modern equipment.

I hit the ripe age of 33 last week. Was ok. Wish my day had been a tad more exciting however I worked and by the time Lucas was in bed I totally dozed off on the couch. Nice way to celebrate eh lol But I got an awesome Dr Who t-shift from Marie along with a Tassimo coffee machine. I was leary about these machines but holy crap is the coffee good! There are some brands better then others so trying out all the brands out there.

Been getting some gaming in. Got Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. What a fantastic game. Holy crap is it good. From what I understand it follows the Transformers Prime universe so not exactly G1 canon. That’s ok but there are some things like the Dino bots that have their roots being created on earth. Not sure if this gets addressed somehow in game. At any rate it’s plain old awesome. I do hope for more games in this series but would also very much like a true G1 game.

For Marie b-day I got her classic french literature from 1862. It’s impressive to hold a book that old in your hand.

I also watch Walking Dead Season 3 which was most excellent as well as Breaking bad till Season 6. Now I started on Weeds which is a very humorous show. Highly recommended.

And yeah that is it. Wish there was more going on but unfortunately not. I am just looking forward to a more steady schedule. It’s much needed at this point. Hope all is well with everyone.





Fiero Project Update

Sup guys, hope all is well. Things are going good over here. Cannot particularly complain. Work has been going good which is always a plus. Assistant manager got the axe recently so I think I am being groomed for the position. Slowly getting more responsibilities, etc. Not holding my breath as I have been screwed over many a time for a promo so not raising expectations. We finally hit our slow period of the year. Kind of that awkward moment where everyone is too busy with school but too early for winter tires. Makes for a few boring days but we manage.
Fiero is at work now. Got a notice from the town to move it so luckily I am able to stash it at work and now working with some friends to get it going. Well actually it is going now. We started the engine roughly two weeks ago. Was very nice to hear it roar for the first time. It is fun though as my friend who is a master mechanic is helping me learn along the way. The goal now is to make it pass a CAA inspection so it can be plated here in quebec. They tend to be strict so we are working out all the details. It’s a big investment in one shot to do which I am not happy about but on the other hand the fine from the town could be much more painful had I left it there. Also not that the car is mobile in a worse case situation I could put it in the back yard by removing a fence panel and driving it through.Mind you it is a worse case scenario.

But we have been putting time after shifts to work on it. Major problem of the engine not starting is out of the way. Injector was missing an o-ring so the engine flooded almost immediately and couldn’t budge. With that fixed it fired right up like a champ. Had to replace the exhaust manifold as it was cracked. With that done now it’s minor stuff. I have a friend who is a professional body shop guy who will paint the car with new material called Plastic Dip. It’s as the name suggests in that it is a plastic paint. It seem’s to be the new wave now because the day you decide to repaint, you essentially need to scrap a chunk off and pull. The whole coating tears away. It sounds fragile but it’s actually very durable. Ideally the car should be done mid september. Need parts from the states still. But were there. I have been actually quite lucky as all problems we encountered we managed to resolve without any huge expenditures. I think the most expensive thing right now is the tires. Bought the most cheap I could but it add’s up.

It’s funny though as the Fiero comes off as being a “cheap” car. A sports car for the poor man. Maybe in the day it was. Driving it though is a lot of fun. You really ride low to the ground compared to all other cars.Also with the way your dash in setup by being flat on a 90 angle in front of you is old school and interesting. Oh and the flip lights? Yeah those are fun just for the sake of it. I think all the guys at the garage have fallen in love with that one feature alone. It seem’s silly when you think about it but the concept of flip lights is still cool to this day.

I commend GM for making a car that is infuriating at times to work on. One of the problems we encountered was the seat not moving forward. So to take it out you have two bolt in the front. Very tight space but doable with a flat wrench. But the back ones….OMFG!! You literally need to use a mini jack to lift the front so you can “try” and reach the back ones because they thought “let’s put the bolts under the seat in the back rather then facing outwards to be more accessible”. It’s the little things that drive you crazy sometimes.

Will try and take some pictures of it at work


So things have been busy here on all fronts. Job is going good. Not sure if I mentioned to everyone that I am now a service advisor. Better pay and now work in air conditioning lol Well it’s pretty fun though awkward because essentially I became everyone’s boss in the garage. It’s a bit weird but it goes well. Hours I kinda all over the place however I am finally getting consistent weekends off.

Things at home going good as well. Got to start on my basement project. Been procrastinating a bit on that but been trying to get the car done so been back and forth. I got the new fuel pump installed and the tank is now raised in place. I tried to start the car however ran into an electrical problem. Boy did I curse lol I was able to diagose the issue today and luckily it was a fuse for the ECM computer. It’s funny when you look at old vehicles and how they work you really wonder what they were thinking especially one more unique cars. So now I just have to install a new brake switch and we should have action. Fingers crossed as I really want to drive it lol Seem’s to me it would be a very nice car to drive just for fun in the summer and heck, maybe do a road trip to visit my Ontarian friends

Aside from that I have played a bit of Ni No Kuni which is thus far quite excellent. I highly recommend the game and it’s around $30 for you PS3 folks. The animation is quite spectacular that you feel like your watching an anime without it feeling gamey at all.

As you all got emails about Cthulhu I have been working on getting some props done for the game. I mentioned while it is a play by post campaign that I wanted to provide some props for fun. I have been fiddling with aging paper. Tea staining works great for that old look and you can get some decent effects too. There are some fancier techniques to enhance the look and oldness of the paper by trying to keep things low cost as must as I can lol But I am pretty excited about the premise of it all and I think the play by post medium will fit well with Cthulhu.

Fiero Project Update: Sweet Smell of Gas

So. seem’s about time to put an update here lol

Been working on the Fiero recently now that the weather is getting nicer and I can finally work outside. To update on the project, the car was bought on the cheap. No engine start. Ok so we discover A) we have no spark B) no fuel reaching the engine.

Before the holidays I managed to put in a new ignition system. So you have the ignition module which sits on the side of the engine with two coil packs on top. Module gets electricity, sends to the coil packs and then to the spark wires. Poor design concept to begin with as the heat from the engine eventually fries the module or the packs.

With no wasting time I decided to change the whole thing. Start fresh and any other problem concerning spark is a wiring issue.

Now for the fuel we got none coming to the single point injector. Car was sitting for a few years with no use meaning you could have a few potential issues. For one the relay for the fuel pump could be malfunctioning. Gas in the tank over the years makes the gas almost inert making it not really very combustible anymore as it’s a mix of gas, water and contaminants. Fuel pump filter also gets clogged and the pump can malfunction.

That being said I decided to go the change the whole thing route. I got a fuel pump and new relay. The relay installs simple enough located in a friendly area in the engine compartment. Fuel pump unfortunately has me taking the tank off the car. The tank on a Fiero is slim and runs the center length of the car. Interesting in space saving and keeping center of gravity through weigh distribution.I managed to remove the tanks straps and dropped the tank somewhat today. I saw some of the contents of the tank come out when I disconnected one of the lines. I got a nice little waterfall of gas luckily caught mostly by a tub. The rest was on my arm lol

Hopefully Tue and Wed when I have off I will disconnect the rest so I can finally completely remove the rank. I plan of doing a flush of the interior. I checked out various articles on hot roding and mechanic web sites. They say you empty contents, put some acetone and if you can either roofing nails or medium sized gravel. Slosh it around and that will discharge any rust and clean it out. Rinse and all should be good. From there I can fill it again or for further prevention there is a liquid sealer I can also slosh around to make a protective coating. I plan on cleaning the exterior and also changing the gas straps.

Where I am at right now is getting that done and then we will see where we are at. The engine can turn so it is not seized. This is good. So now it is just getting the basics going. Once the car starts anything else can usually get diagnosed electrically or systematically.

It’s a fun project. Less to do in things compared to the Camaro which is good. Just takes some time when you have to put finances to it.

Busy Bee

Hey folks, how is everyone going? Hope all is well. Been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. Had the seasonal summer tire rush so been recovering from that. My shoulder is a bit fucked up now and my lower back is also a bit wonky but I always had problems with the back so no surprise there. But while aches and pains show up all has been pretty good. Have been trying o find some jobs closer to home but being the off season now it’s rather difficult. Hoping something bites as something a little more permanent then seasonal would be great.

With my off days now I have been tackling the fiero to which I can say is 85% done. I have a muffler arriving soonish from the states so with that installed the car will be done. That will be good. It was a shortish project car which was nice. So now will enjoy it for a bit and sell it off. I don’t think too much trouble will be had selling it.

I did get a wicked sunburn working on it though. Holy cow is it hurting today lol But who can complain about awesome weather. Anyways, back to work I go. Hope everyone is taking it easy and having fun.

Been a long while

Hey peeps, how is everyone doing? I’m doing pretty good. Very tired but good none the less. I wish I could be more there but since I started working and going to school my time has pretty much been swallowed. I started at Canadian Tire in end of October or mid October and been working as a service man / car jockey. It’s pretty good for a basic job and foot in the door. It’s right next to my school so yay convenience. I am pretty much up from 5:30am till 1am (got to cram in studying somewhere) so usually my weekends are sleep oriented. Tire season started hardcore about two weeks ago. Basically all day is constantly changing tires and oil changes. I do roghly 40 – 48 tires a day. That means about 12 cars max during my shift. Really it all depends on if the tires are already on rims, low profiles, etc. I have had some really nasty ones like low profile 19 inch BMW ones but those are rare. I like the car jockeying aspect as I pretty much get to try all cars out there that come into the garage. Nothing too out there though but I have done some new BMW sports cars and plenty of luxury cars from other companies. Sometimes despite the price tag your better off getting a regular car for the average person. The worst car I drove by far was the smart car. Oh my god those are horrible. Not so much in the sense of speed as the car is fast but you just KNOW that if your hit then you are toast. It does not matter any safety inspections you feel the cheapness of their cut corners. I also lost a lot of weight. Roughly 20 pounds so far but toned some muscles much to Marie’s happiness LOL

School has been going quite excellent and passed some more modules. Right now were doing ignition so that’s pretty interesting stuff but mostly it all comes down to basics of electricity and diagnostics which I am pretty fucking good at. On my rare spare time I have been playing some Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I play this usually with Lucas watching. He loves all the scenery, monsters and all that. He gets so excited for boss fights. Sometimes he hides or screams woah!!! It is really incredible to see how he is turning out. He is very quiet usually, keeps to himself around others but when at home he just likes to hang out and help with whatever your doing. I’m pretty impressed. Sometimes I wish he would play on his own with his toys but as long as he is happy hey, who am I to bother him.

Anyways, I hope you are all doing good. I will hopefully have a friday off soonish. If I remember right I should have one coming up. I will keep posted on that. Would be nice to get together even for a movie or whatever.


Hey everybody, hope all is well. Just want to say thanks for the b-day wishes from people. Much appreciated. I haven’t really had too much time to take to even thank people. I started working at Canadian Tire last monday. I do roughly 30 hours right now plush my school so it’s pretty tiring. I had some days where I wake up for 6am, go to work for 8 and then come home after school at 11pm. But despite it I actually really enjoy working at CT. They are a pretty good bunch and potential horror stories of unqualified people and not true at least at my location. Pretty much the job is tire changing, oil changes, light changes but I also go opportunities to jump on doing actual mechanic work by changing a ball joint and starter. I got to drive some pretty sweet rides. We even had a lambo come in last weekend for tire air which was pretty fucked up. But hey, will not complain about a lambo in the shop. I particularly enjoy things because you see a wide variety of cars and not the same old ones. Diversity is always a plus. School is going good. In fact I have an exam tonight on heating and cooling. Pretty easy stuff. I should be ok seeing as how I helped teach people how to do diagnostics on the system. But hey, you never know. So the Camaro engine is done. Did that about 2 weeks ago. It’s pretty that is for sure so now just tackling the body stuff. Almost done mwahahaha Well, I must head off, Lucas to daycare and me tackling some things around the home. Take care everyone. For halloween the saturday may be a no go with work now but should be briefly there friday, of course for the typical send off brunch. But my schedule is subject to changes so will have more info when the time comes. Oh and very nice army Chris. i wish the sisters were much easier to collect.

So, what is going on?

Hey everyone, what is going on? Hope everything is going well with everyone. Things are doing ok over here. Wish I could say there was tons of news to go around but seems like just the daily grind. So for what is new, for one I just built a gazebo / tent / sun block thingy. Everyone uses a different term for them so keeping the dialogue open lol So yeah built that 10 x 15 gazebo about a week ago. Now we just have to install our PVC fence which is now decorating our driveway and put in some more shrubs. I think that is the one thing I hate the most about having a home is yard work. The day I can afford someone to do it I certainly will, I personally am not a fan.

School is going good, no complaints there. We just did a computer module so now a pro at diagnosing issues on the car that are electrical and / or throwing a check engine light. Now we are currently doing transmissions. We focused mainly on manual transmissions so we took them apart and rebuilt them from scratch. It’s surprisingly very easy to do. Now we have jumped onto differentials but that is a shortish topic as they are quite easy to handle as well. It’s more about their adjustments that make it somewhat complicated. I have an award ceremony coming up soon which is held by the government and sponsored by automotive companies and tool companies. It’s called the Meritas awards and I was selected to get one about a month back. Basically it’s an award given by peers (fellow classmates) and also based on your attendance, results, helpfulness, etc. So it’s pretty awesome to get and apparently there is lots of expensive swag to be received on behalf of the sponsors. No complaints from me on that one. Just a matter of what this june it is. Will post picks of the swanky dinner.

The Camaro is getting along. You take apart one thing but then half to take apart another thing as well to help complete the job. It’s amazing what the previous owner(s) ripped out that should not have been. Cleaning up the mess is a huge hassle but it’s a learning experience so I cannot totally complain about it. Sometimes though I just wished it would go a bit easier because when it goes well, it goes fast.

I got a 1987 Pontiac Fiero coming in sometime soon. I have been meaning to pick up manual but it was never a real rush. However I have tried recently to find some odd car jobs. Jockey at Toyota or even doing some aesthetic work but you always need to know manual as a requirement which is logical. Anyways, a buddy of mine at school had this Fiero which has been with his family since the dawn of time but being in the family so long, they just want to be rid of it. The car is in pretty great shape. Will need to freshen the paint job but mechanic wise all that is need is a fluid job, spark plug change, brake pad change and a water pump change. The pump is even provided. Plus it comes with a set of 14 inch rims with winter tires. The tires I could care less about but the rims I can clean and use for my Camaro since 14 is their original tire size. So literally it saves for spending $200 in rims. And even better, he is selling me the car for $450. Now I might get caught with something by surprise mind you but overall if it pans out then it’s a quick buck made. None worked on Fiero can start at $1500. They have become even more of a rarity these days. So yeah it will solve a lot of problems and a small easy flip to boot.

And yeah that is pretty much it on this end.


Hey boys, how are you all doing? It has been quite awhile and hope things are going well for everyone. Things have been busy over here. Had a lull due to holidays for school. I was finding it a tad long because you just want to jump into things and get it done. The program itself is long enough so you just want to plow through it. So that being said here is where school stands. Right now we are going through suspension so doing anything relating to shocks, springs, steering, bushings, etc is being dealt with. Last night I removed a rack and pinion from a Honda Accord. Working on cars closely you get to appreciate how they are designed and learn what is good design versus bad design. While Honda’s are generally great cars overall, I can tell you removing a rack and pinion from their car is more difficult then it should be compared to say an Echo or even an older 92 Acclaim. It was almost designed for people with tiny hands to work on.

That being said remember this summer boys who want to get cheap work done on their car I will be able to work on your suspensions, oil changes, engines, brakes. I will probably be able to even do alignments as long as I am in school as well since I have access to their alignment machine. It is pretty cool consisting of 64 laser camera’s that calculate the degrees your wheels are off. If you guys are interesting start providing me some info on your cars as I would keep track of them.

Speaking of designs of cars, the Camaro is going alright. I am changing the ball joints and rotors at the moment. I am having trouble with the ball joints as they are riveted in. So I have to drill through the rivets. I currently did a 1/8 hole through the rivets however I need to enlarge the hole.Suffice it to say it can be rather long with drilling steel. Apparently back in the day one of the more common parts to change in suspensions, GM was convinced that hey it will last for the cars life. These days they are bolted or are pressed in with a clip.

Life has been good all around. Miss seeing everyone. My schedule is fucked up that is for sure. I get home around 11pm, get to bed by 1am, wake up at 6am, take Lucas to day care and then get a few z’s when I get back and pray I don’t sleep till lunch. That is something particularly irritating. Pretty much since my last hospital stay way back a few months ago I have never been able to hop back onto my old lack of sleep schedule I used to have. Whether this is age or my bodies way of bringing me down to earth I have no idea. But it bothers me on some level.

I checked out Tron: Legacy on the weekend. Holy crap did I love it. Pure fan service and the story was pretty interesting. I know reviews out there are mixed on it, but I totally enjoyed it. Tomorrow I am hitting up the Montreal Auto Show with my school. Should be interesting. Last auto show I went to was when I was very young and not very interested. So now seeing what is coming out and some new technologies will be good.

That’s it for now gentlemen. Take it easy!


Why hello there! Hope everyone has been going good. Things have been pretty good here as well. Been focusing on school of course. We are at a pretty important module which is engines. It’s been going very well so far. We did a complete tear down, cleaned everything up and measured the fuck out of it. There are quite a few measurements to take. Finally we assembled the main engine block however the first time we had a bolt that is supposed to go through a gear into the crankshaft. However the bolt broke and pretty much your crankshaft is fucked. So we had to remove everything and install another one. Then we went to put the gear on and what do we discover. Someone from the previous class had put a bolt in that one. So two useless crankshafts. So we had to get yet another one. Suffice it to say we can install a new crank and assemble the oil pump in about 15 minutes which is really good. In fact even with the delay, me and my partner are ahead of the class. Last night we began working on the cylinder head and tonight we should be completely finished. It is a lot of fun to check everything once you get into it.

Been working on the camaro every now and then when I get the chance. Basically going over the engine cleaning it up as well as tearing it down. Going to make some improvements. My friend at school is getting rid of his Fiero. He was going to scrap it simply because it was old and he finds the body to be ugly. I find they are ok but I also know a deal when I see one. So I will most likely take it from him. I am going to throw on a body kits, tune up the engine, clean the interior and make some good cash off someone.

Aside from that we got the christmas decos up and been spending time with Marie and Lucas.

Car news and bla bla bla

Well it’s been awhile since I last talked about my car so here goes. I have not touched it too too much this past while. When arranging the garage, removing the stairs and school studying I was a bit discouraged from getting into it. Was a bit hard to get that motivation kick started. But things have started progressing again.

I yanked off the hood and the spring brackets that were attached. The hood itself was quite dirty on the underside and the paint was bubbling on the top in two places. So I am in the process of stripping the hood of paint. I also need to adjust the hole for the air induction. The guy before had cut the hole and installed a scoop however he cut the hole a bit off center where your air filter is. So he fancy edelbrock air filter chrome top got bent in one corner as it catched on the hole.

I cleaned the engine compartment and began painting it. It’s looking pretty hot and making the chrome pop out more. I still have some touch ups in some spots and then painting other areas around the engine. Once that’s done I am going to get my air induction installed. My book was never clear on how to install it. Through school though I discovered the quebec national library had a database of car repair information. I of course subscribed and managed to get some good information on installing it so at least I have things to go on now. But it’s all getting going. It’s just to attack things one at a time with what I have. The more that school goes along the more I think of different things to look at and improve if it’s worth it. In the end the car is going to get sold for a profit or I would take break even since I want to do other restorations.

I really enjoy restoring. There is something very satisfying about it. When i think about vintage cars I think of it as preserving something that deserves to be saved. Often we will see a tv show or movie or even see in person a car we are like wow, that is rare. I know I do and I think it would be cool if cars of today could be more like back then style wise. So if I can save a car or two from the scrapper then my job is worth it in the long run.

Speaking briefly of school, I aced my last two exams. My next course is kind of lame. It’s interpersonal relations which is a snoozer course but one of those things you just have to do. After that though we will be hitting engines which I am pretty excited about.


Greetings!! How is everyone doing? Been seeing a lot of activity for Dresdan Files going on which is awesome. I think Salem as a setting has a lot of potential especially with all the locations. It’s like a wicked hub for activity. Things on my side have been pretty busy with school. I passed my shop exam. I got 100% on it. Had to take various measurements with different devices on different auto parts. We also then had to cut a metal block, then make appropriate holes, then tap them (making the lines for screwing) then inserting a bolt. Once the bolt was in, we broke it and then had to extract it. I was pretty happy about how it all went. Now were going into the characteristics of a car. In itself it’s not terribly interesting. It’s getting to know your car parts and how to search various methods to find trouble shooting information. For instance I had to identify all the parts in an Acura engine compartment. I have to give it to them for making it clean. I looked at an older Ford and it was so cramped it was ridiculous.

So with school going on it keeps me busy but I did manage to get the car in the garage. I basically yanked out the garage stairs which made the space needed. I would have been able to do it if I removed the front nose of the car but I didn’t feel the need to plus I wanted all the space I could get. I use a ladder to get down and I have room in front of the car and some space all around. It’s not the best setup but it’s making do with what we have.

I have gotten some tools for my b-day which was great. My parents got me a air tool kit a month ago due to a sale but they also got me some clothes, a wrench set and this cool magnetic LED light which is like a flashlight but you can pull the light end and it makes an LED light bar. Marie got me an impact socket set which is going to be very handy as well as a bolt extractor set with another wrench set. This wrench set has imperial wrenches which are larger then the mixed imperial / metric set my parents got me. I have a basic tiny set which came with my gun but it’s good to have a lot of variety in there. I got a canadian tire gift card from my bro which I will probably use tomorrow. They have a sale on wrenches for brake lines which is on sale. I also got a fairy statue. It is sitting on crystal like globe and is either standalone deco or fancy paperweight. It’s cool but I must say that artists think that all fairy chicks have gigantic boobs.

Aside from that I painted the lower bathroom so that is another thing off the list. Slowly bringing in the patio set into the basement. Got to get ready for winter. With how chilly it has gotten I don’t see snow far off. I do need to construct my crosses. I have a wooden pallette from rona’s that my patio stones came on. I am going to disassemble it and make wooden crosses out of it. I will then make a graveyard on my lawn.

Well off to bed I go, hope your all doing well

Busy bee

Well tomorrow is my shop exam. It’s much more varied compared to welding. We have a bunch of tools to know how to use at the drop of a dime as well as various tasks to perform. It’s been very interesting though. We have mainly been machining. So cutting blocks of metal with a hacksaw, drilling, taping the hole, threading a metal circular bar as a bolt. We also learned bolt extractions which is handy especially when fixing older cars like mine. Sometimes the bolt is just plain jammed so what to do. Now there is a few handy tools I can use to pierce a broken bolt and insert a bolt extractor and twist it out.

So yeah I am pretty excited overall about the course. I’m hoping the exam goes without a hitch. It may seem easy peasy when I talk about it but say exam time by slight mischance you fuck up a drill hole they will fail you on the spot and you have to retake the test later. It’s pretty fucking serious but it’s to impress the concept that when your working on cars, there is not room for error when lives can be potentially at stake whether it be a co-worker or client.

I brought my car in the garage this past week. It’s good to finally be able to work on it in the evenings or in any temperature. I yanked off the hood and the brackets that lift it. I have two spots on the hood that have paint bubbles and the brackets have chipped paint. Well to be honest the hole body needs a paint job. So yeah going piece by piece.

Aside from that I have started playing Fable 2 which is a very excellent game. I also picked up Fight Night Round 4 which I got at Maxi’s on liquidation since they are renovating. Was $10 which is sweet. And I have to admit that I have an addiction to boxing games. I find them quite fun. It’s fast paced, requires some strategy in training and in boxing. The controls are pretty tight though I find that sometimes the punch you want to do doesn’t always pull off so well when using the analogue but it’s a minor complaint though.

Another course down

So I passed welding. The exam itself was not difficult in scope however I landed up with a torch tip that was not very good so at two points it sputtered and blew a hole in the metal. I was able to patch it up however I know I could have done way better with a good torch tip. But that is the problem with school equipment. It’s used and abused, people don’t clean their torch tips. I was happy yesterday when a student thanked me for teaching him how to weld so he passed his exam. However 7 people out of 20 failed their exam. Time already to weed people out. It’s too bad. People just don’t take things seriously. You have guys who like to talk shit on how they know things and surprise, they fail. You have others that dick around and bail on class and surprise, they fail.

Now were wrapping up shop class. I am really enjoying the class however we don’t have a lot of time to get everything down. We missed a day of class to make up for welding when we had a school evacuation however were not getting a day to make up for our shop class and the scope is a lot larger. So sucks in a way but still pretty confident.


Having good reflexes is not always the greatest thing to have. I had the lovely accident this past friday of catching a copper filler rod which I was using for welding. Normally just the tip is the hottest and what one should worry about. However just as luck would have it I had managed to have a quarter heated up. So I got it and it burned!! Human flesh that burns smells almost like something burning on the stove top. I kept it under cold water which is important as it stops the burning process. Eventually the pain went away later in the evening. The wound is not too bad. A little bit of a crater and a burn line almost half the width of my hand. My story will be a wild cheetah attack mind you. Makes for a good story. Much more heroic then catching a hot copper rod.

Building things

Yesterday was back to shop work. It was very cool as we learned how to do flaring for brake lines. It was actually quite simple to do. You basically have three types, straight which is like a cone, double which is like the cone but edge are folded in on each other to make a double layer and finally there is a bubble flare which is mostly used by Chrysler. I was able to get everything on the first shot so was able to move on to other things.

And something really cool were doing is starting to build our own battery terminal puller. We basically were given schematics for the puller, then given long rods of metal and then we have to get hacksaw’s, filers, etc and cut everything to spec. It’s very cool to be actually building something from scratch. I have apparently a very good hacksaw technique. Got welding tonight so not sure if it will be MIG but worse off I help teach people for the exam.

Well now

So tonight was a bit odd. I left earlier in the afternoon as I needed a new passenger headlight as mine burnt out. Once done I headed to school as I usually do. Once I arrived at the lights near my school, I heard my name. Was totally wtf? So I looked and saw my teacher. He said the school was closed, go home since there was a bomb threat. Probably some angry little shit trying to inconvenience everyone. Totally annoying. Wastes our time, makes less time for others who need it.

So I went to my parents who had picked Lucas up. Marie joined us and had some good old pizza. Mmmmmm….

For those unaware, Netflix is finally available in Canada!!! I had downloaded it on the PS3 before leaving this afternoon but just trying it out this evening. It works very very well. No lag, no delays of any kind and I am streaming wireless. So far the initial selection is not as abundant as the US. I suppose it’s just a matter of obtaining the rights and whatnot. So far I have been catching up on Paranormal State episodes. There are some very oddball movies. Like a b movie called Monsturd. Yeah you can imagine what THAT one is about. I shit you not….ohhhhh I totally went there.

But yeah the selection is a bit odd but the service is just starting. The first month is free and then it is $7.99 a month after for unlimited movies. Definitely something to check out folks.

So yeah hopefully school is back on tomorrow. Felt kind of lost without it this evening lol

Now I am the Teacher!

Well the last two days have been welding. Getting practice done before our exam next week. We got our more appropriate metal yesterday so we started using it. I was so used to the thinner metal that I was having a tough time with the thicker metal. Kind of ironic. I was sufficiently discouraged by the end of today. So today was crunch time and it went insanely well. I pretty much had things down within the hour. One of the cool things I tried today was brazing. It consists of using a brass rod to melt over your joint which will then act as a glue of sorts. It’s pretty toxic so we needed to use our fans. This technique is not particularly used anymore. It was mostly used back in ye old days when you would get your radiator repaired in a radiator centric shop. We also started using the cutter torch and started cutting through metal. We even learned how to cut a bolt off if it ever becomes stuck and normally would not be able to be removed. The latter half of the class I spent helping teach people how to do brazing and a lap joint weld. So all in all I am very happy with the progress and much more happier with where things stand now.

Of things mechanical and stuff

So friday was a busy evening at school. Basically I got a chance to check a bunch of things off my catch up list. Started out with measuring bolts. You would think that it would be easy but even though a bolt may be the same length it may have a different thread pattern. We have a special tool that measures the thread pattern.

Then I learned how to use another instrument called a feeler gauge to measure if there is a lot of play on a piston ring. Then we used a special wire that will measure your piston bearings play. Finally I took a bearing off a differential gear. So all in all it was a busy night. It was relieving to get a lot of this done as it was stressful a bit to have all these thing to catch up on. So now all that is really left is learning our hydraulic lifts, jacking a car (though I have done this at home so) and finally machining my own battery puller.

I got my b-day gift early from my parents. Canadian Tire had a special on a 100 piece air tool set. Rather then $300 it was $99. It’s a wicked cool set as it has an air ratchet, air hammer / chisel, zip gun, impact drill and tire inflation tool. Comes with a few little accessories as well. Was definitely worth it for what you get.

I am also getting more used to using micrometers and precision calipers which is good. Measuring is a big part of a lot of what we do and I barely ever measured anything. So now the only thing I really want to get down is welding. I checked out some videos on doing certain joints so hopefully I can get things mastered this week. We don’t have a lot of time and some of the materials we have are rather iffy.

The school itself is great and we have pretty decent equipment but we also are missing quite a bit as well. For instance for welding were using a much thinner metal then we should be using. So rather then learning on the appropriate metal we are learning on a much harder material to master. You could say it is kind of a good thing to work with more complicated materials however with the time constriction it’s a bit discouraging for many to have a lot more trouble then they should. Also we tend to miss books often. But all these issues are largely administrative.

Oh and totally non school related, check out the HBO tv series that just started tonight called Boardwalk Empire. It’s about prohibition and mob life in Atlantic City. Totally awesome show.

Pulling Things

Last night was pretty awesome. Did more continuation of our shop work class which part of it was theory. That was a bit on the boring side. But we did get to pull a steering wheel from a 2000 chev cavalier. While in itself not a fantastic car we also had to disable the air bag system. That was fun considering if you forget the basics there is always the slight chance of triggering the air bag. It is also amusing that in shop work that we are starting little projects like this when we haven’t even done the basics of cars module. Since we have a bunch of classes at the same time we have to jumble our modules so we don’t all bump into each other. Tonight if all goes well we will be pulling a differential.

Sweet measuring

Measuring…measuring…measuring…You would think that measuring in itself would be simple. In mechanics though we have to use specialized measuring tools such as a precision caliper, depth rods and micrometers. I don’t think it would be so bad if we just had one system to learn however we need to do both metric and imperial systems. Obviously these days we have the tools all in digital but for the sake of school we are learning the hard way which is a good way to do things. I think the most complicated part is switching your thinking from one system to another.

Did more welding yesterday. Was mostly practicing the basics which I think I have down pretty good. I am now trying more advanced techniques like lap joints. Basically a piece of metal sits halfway on another and you have to merge them at the seam. It goes ‘ok’ if you clamp them together tight however if you let them loose then the lower metal plate sags from the heat and you can never really merge them. It’s all in technique they say so our job it to get that technique in a very short time. Our exam will basically be to do various joints and then to submit them to a break test. Basically we put them in a vice and take a hammer and pray it holds together. While most in the class are having difficulty with the basics and I am starting on more advanced things, I am putting a bit of pressure on myself. After two days of practical I am trying to ease off myself expectation wise. I did however burn two finger tips when I touched a recently torched piece. Suffice it to say it hurt big time but no bubble. Just a little well done and numb. Safety first!

So yes aside from that, my good store Canadian Tire has some wicked good specials on air tools and wrenches, etc so going to be shopping soon. Yay!!

Little bit of this, little bit of that

Well hello there! Hope all are doing well. I’m doing pretty good. For those who may not have gotten the word I spent a good part of last week in the hospital. I got me a lovely infection from a cold that my lungs couldn’t keep up. It was a difficult time as I was with Lucas on my own at the time. I don’t think I was ever that afraid. It’s one thing for you to be hurt or in danger on your own but another to have a your kid watching as your plugged to an ekg reader, while your getting an IV while wearing a mask. Suffice it to say it is eye opening. I had gotten multiple treatments to the point where my heart rate kept dancing between 80 and 120. They didn’t want to let me go at that point at risk of my heart giving out.

Staying at a hospital is rather annoying. For one your in a bed, you don’t have a blanket and even if you manage to get one they are thin. You then have all the noises of those around you. You tend to hear everyone’s story pretty quick over a small area. I was unfortunately stuck next to an old ladies room where she had trouble…playing dumptruck. So all I heard was ow, ow, owie, ow, ow. You have to feel sorry for elderly people who have trouble but still you cannot help but feel very annoyed. By the time I would want to sleep or try to then it was my next treatment and then that speeds the system up again so cannot sleep. It is a vicious circle.

But now at home and all good. I am not doing much handiwork. I tend to tire out quickly enough though. My ticker needs a lot more rest but should bounce back soon enough. At first I was walking like an old man and eventually was able to get around. But now Lucas caught the bug I had as well as Marie so that has added an extra level of suck.

Since I missed three days of school last week I have to recoup this week so an hour extra for two days which is not bad. Basically learning to measure with micrometers and vernier. We just started welding which is good. Right now we are learning to weld with acetylene mixed with oxygen. It is tricky that is for sure. Acetylene on it’s own does not smell but they infuse the gas with a smell very much like garlic. So by the time class is over you can’t help but think you keep smelling the shit. It’s pretty rancid. I got home and was like fuck, now I really smell it but it ended up being actual garlic on the counter. Was quite funny.

Also in class, a guy was not paying attention and burned a hole in his pants and left his skin red. Acetylene mixed with oxygen can range over 3000F. Also ironically on the same fellow, his torch had a busted rubber o-ring inside so the torch backfired causing a fire to burst near his hand.Luckily he was ok but the idea is not to panic and shut down the gas valves.

So yeah that’s it for now. Ciao!


Well I passed my health, safety and halocarbon course. This means I know how to not die in a garage, how just about every fluid gives you cancer, that I will likely use the health care system in old age and how to handle air conditioning gas. So with our heating and air conditioning course coming in the next while then I will get my certification for doing A/C work. So now it is the wonderful world of shop work. I was pretty happy today as Canadian Tire had some crazy good deals on hammers, screwdrivers, etc. I got a 95 piece screwdriver set, a digital tire gauge set and two hammers (one a rubber mallet and the other a ball peen). Slowly equipping.


Hey guess, just so you know that as I go along my program and pass my exams I will be able to do various things if you ever need them. Will post in occasionally as I always do and let you know what more I can handle. Of course I will be able to give good prices compared to your local garage rest assured that and obviously parts I can usually get good as I am the ultimate shopper lol