Merry Christmas

Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. My New Year’s resolution is to visit more often that coincides with Curt visiting, that way we can all get together and hangĀ out. I miss those days. I actually hope to make it down for the Fan Convention. Carl was telling me about it and it seems like a cool thing so we’ll see if I can get time off for it.


Sorry guys I completely forgot about the session tonight. I crashed right after PT today, and didn’t wake up till around quarter to 7:00 on my clock here. Kind of sucks because I was actually looking forward to the session this week. Hope it went well. I’ll be picking up a headset this weekend so that will take care of my little problem I have. No more mute. Anyway sorry again guys. Oh yeah and since I started my course on Friday there might be times when I can’t make it for a session due to studying, I’ll let you know ahead of time if I can’t make it. Though that will rarely happen I’m sure.