Hello all

Carl can’t be the only one keeping this blog alive.

Just sitting at work waiting for a client to finish recording some audio for a webcast they are doing tomorrow.

Been playing a few things on steam. Finally got a legit copy of portals 2 during the steam sales and me and Sarah have been popping in there every now and then.

We have also had some success with a few mouseguard and marvel sessions over at Curts. Loving both, and can’t wait to play again.

Went to Washington this weekend on a whim. Never been, thought it would be nice…. we decided to drive so I snuck out on Friday and we headed over. Only light traffic, still took us till one in the morning before we got there. It was nice, but we didn’t get to go to the spy museum.

We got a good deal on the hotel, we stayed on capital hill, and we could see the capital building from our hotel, nice. We headed out from there to the washington monument, then the whitehouse, natural history museum and finally the Lincoln memorial, which was getting washed because of a vandal apparently. It’s not everyday you see a man power-washing Lincoln’s crotch. We hoped in a cab just before it started to rain and headed back to the hotel. I highly recommend the visit, especially if you like museums; the place is littered with them.

Anyways, it’s nice to see the blog is still here, I visit it now and then, even if it is only to lurk.

My Staycation

Good day all,

I don’t think I have talked to anyone since the wedding so I thought I would post here to see how people are doing.

My trip back from Montreal was uneventful for the most part, however on arriving… in fact we had already pulled into the parking spot in my Condo and was just straightening out the car, we noticed it wasn’t reversing all that smooth.

Thinking this was the inevitable transmission issue I have been warned about since day one I decided to take it to mr. transmission. Wow, what a ride. Felt like I was driving through a swamp.

Anyways… long story short, my transmission would cost me over $1000 to fix so I bought not so new ’08 Pontiac G5. All of this taking place on my forced vacation… and to boot, yes… a cold, all week long.

As I sit here hacking and spewing all over my keyboard would you brighten up my day with some good news, how is it going?

XBOX 360 Vs PS3

We need an impartial jury of peers. My brother and I are fighting over which console to get. Xbox 360 elite or the PS3 at the same price, $399. In your experience which ones have you found to be the superior system. We are looking at a couple of key issues with each system.

  1. Most Xbox games can be purchased for the PC
  2. We are both fans of the Classic RPG genre of game (Not the evolved PC 3rd person)
  3. We would probably look into Modding
  4. The Xbox 360 library is larger
  5. PS3 has God of War 3 and Little Big Planet and MGS4 

Help is required, please post your own experiences. Which you tend to play more, which you have considered a better purchase. Thank you.

Futurama: Bender’s Game DVD Preview


The second Futurama DVD hasn’t even stopped spinning in our drives and we’re already looking forward to the third one. It’s a much geekier affair than even Futurama fans are used to, as they’re delving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Will this Ender’s Game Futurama movie be any good? We’re pretty sure it will, seeing as the Kirk and Spock heads are back, and that was probably one of the best episodes ever. – Gizmodo

Joe’s Chat App v2

After my Actionscript workshop I was pumped and ready to do something in flash… but what to do?

I decided to use my new knowledge of flash and PHP to recreate my flash chat app, and so far so good. In one day I have managed to do much of what I did when I first created the app so many years ago.

Before I continue my work I want to hear from you guys. What would you like to see in the program? I want you to “blue sky” it, anything and everything goes. Dice rollers, shared scratch pads/whiteboards… anything at all.

Currently I have managed to make a connection, allow for unlimited connections, show who is in the chat and scroll the chat when it gets to big for the dialog box. it also allows HTML, so href’s, font tags, breaks and even img’s to some degree are allowed (Although I may catch and post img’s to a seperate window you can toggle through.

Let me know and maybe next game we can try it out.

Some video’s from the upcoming Vans Warped Tour

Against Me: “Don’t Loose Touch”

Relient K: “Must Have Done Something Right”

THE ACADEMY IS…: “The Phrase That Pays”

 Cobra Starship: “Snakes on a Plane”

Gym Class Hero’s: The Queen and I

Say Anything: Alive with the Glory of Love

The Color Fred: If I Surrender

The Saint Alvia Cartel: Time to Go