Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 8

In the great tradition of huge delays between posts, I figured it was now time to make another Warhammer-related painting post. Also, there was a long delay between any actual painting, so that might be part of it as well.

Inspired by our most recent Warhammer get-together, I spent the majority of this past weekend painting and assembling miniatures. I assembled my warbuggy, my nob squad, and all of the Black Reach Orks that Neil so graciously gifted me when I was visiting. I haven’t yet assembled the remaining trukk, but hopefully I can get around to it soon. Once that was all done, I turned my attention to my marines. In the previous posts, I mentioned that I was having a lot of trouble getting the white paint to look decent and in comments I mentioned that I was considering stripping them and starting over. Well, after much humming and hawing, I finally got around to buying some Simple Green at Home Hardware in Brooklin and began soaking my miniatures in batches. Overall, the paint came off quite well. Only a few had remnants of old paint left after scrubbing them with a toothbrush under running water. Regardless, it wasn’t enough to lose detail when painting over it. Only a few actually had the primer removed by the Simple Green, so if you’re looking to do this and reprime them with a different color, be aware that you might not be able to get the results you want this way.

I finally settled on the Howling Griffons for my paint scheme. Originally I found it a bit ostentatious and loud, and it evoked imagery of ketchup and mustard, but it’s grown on me over time, especially after seeing some great examples of the scheme in action. Before settling on standard livery, I was thinking of doing a night-world variant army, which is all black armour except for the shoulders which are quartered in the red-yellow scheme, but I didn’t want another black army on the table, especially not if Chris’ army ends up being Black Legion. I then figured a dark grey would look cool, but I was still undecided. I did some test paint jobs of each of the two of the Griffons’ schemes.

I quite liked both schemes, but after seeing the great examples around the net, and hearing input from friends and family, I decided that the standard livery was the best way to go.

So after having a great time at the latest Warhammer weekend, I didn’t want to let things fall by the wayside again (AGAIN!), and used that excitement as inspiration and fuel to get started with painting up all of my models.


So that’s what I did for the majority of the weekend. What you see in the picture isn’t the entirety of the army, but I did manage to get ever last model started. I’ve done the base coat of the red-yellow quartering. Now I have to go back over them and fix minor details, paint their bolters, etc. Then it will be a matter of using washes to make their armour look weather worn and to bring out the shadows. After that, I may or may not highlight them. I’m not 100% sure yet. The one mini I’ve done the wash on looks good as-is, so I may leave it that way. We’ll just have to see. I also found a transfer sheet online of Griffons’ symbology that I can use, and that’ll be the last step.

Also, I considered doing the grey livery for the veterans and captains in the army, but as I got through painting all of them, I decided to just stick with the standard armour colours for the marines. It’ll look better overall when they’re done.

And that’s it! I’m looking forward to having the finished products finally ready for everyone to see, and I hope you enjoyed my update. How about everyone else? How are your armies coming along?

Watch out! …Radioactiveman!!!

Ok, so I have once again caught massive Warhammer fever! WOOT! It has been steadily growing the last couple of weeks and now it has hit. I broke out my warhammer stuff today and got back too building. The warforges are burning once more.

I started off by planning the terrain piece build I have been dreaming of for a good long while now. Have the basic plans/outline in my head all set and will most likely start it this week. After that I got back to getting my Necron Monolith clipped, trimmed, and ready for assembly. Should have it all together and primed by the end of tomorrow. Would have it done today, but we have a dinner to go too…sigh. lol. Been spending soooooo much time on for all the inspiration I needed. Watched a few awesome battle reports and I was sold.

I will also be getting my first dose of Warmachine soon. Now that members get reward points every month that turns into a free gift every month, or accumulates into one big gift over a few months, I will be getting some free Warmachine warjacks with my next order. I have 8 months worth of points to spend on free stuff, HURRAY FOR FREE STUFF! Can’t wait to roll out some steam powered mecha in the future.

All this has also gotten me starting to plan my next Warhammer weekend (one day to be wargaming weekend ;p) at my place. The game room is prepped I just need to do some repairs on models dinged in the move and finish off some things I still need to build, then grind out terrain. I would like to maybe try and do it either really late spring or early/mid summer. I know it could be tough with Chris’s wedding and all already being around then, but we all get a few long weekends around that time also. I was thinking maybe evening doing it Canada day weekend if people had no other patriotic plans ;p This would give us all plenty of time to get back into the saddle and prep our armies in time.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think and if things work time wise for ya. If not lets start debating and suggesting a weekend that would be best for everyone!


Hubs and ashes and rising and things

After nearly a decade of being dead in the water, the old Montreal RPG Hub has risen from the ashes to become the RPG Hub! The site is still growing in features, and it might look a little rough around the edges, but the ball is rolling and things are happening *snaps fingers in the air*.

If you’d like to be an author, let me know. Furthermore, if you’d simply like to be a moderator (comments, forums), let me know. Otherwise, you’re free to create your own account and join in the community like any other.

This site is still for personal things, crazy stuff we find on the internet, and for video games and technology. The Hub is for RPGs, Board Games, etc.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? 🙂

Warhammer Terrain Making!

So, i figured it was time to finally show off my two finished terrain pieces. Been working on some sand bag defenses for my Imerial Guard to cower behind. Started them last week. They have been assembled but unpainted for days. Got off my lazy ass tonight and painted them up.

For materials, i chopped up a clip board i had and made the bases out of it. It’s called mesonite, cuts and shaves well with a knife but is also tough and ridged. To define the pieces i layed out some styrofoam, then made the bags out of modelling clay and glued them on top. Covered the thing with sand from the street, then painted it with three cheap paints from the dollar store, although i did use some Calthan Brown citadel paint also. May add some details later, ie lasguns, backpacks, helmets, etc.

Overall came out better then i thought they would. Let me know what you think.










PAX East, here we come!

Well I think this is official as we have ever gotten on a road trip like this. But here is graphical evidence that we are indeed going. Now please note for everyone else interested, you can go to the PAX East site and do pre registration. You have the option of having your badges sent to you via FED Ex (which I did). I bought these now as I owed Curt from awhile back so rather then get lost in translation now it’s fucking booked! Oh yeah!


I think it’s time!

Hey les boys,

Call me crazy, but I have an idea. July 10-12th, warhammer party at my place! Armies need to be assembled and atleast primed to play. I figure we can aim for 1000 point battles, unless we feel bold and do higher point counts.

I know it may be short between visists for you curt, but I think it would be fun. People can camp at my place. We will obviously warhammer it up lots and watch movies maybe plan some kind of rpg. I am figuring dinner on Saturday at madisons steak house. Love that place, maybe catch a movie if there is anything worth seeing.

So let me know what you guys think.



So, further adventures in my quest for WH40k modifications and scratchbuilds. After some deliberating I can’t yet re-alocate enough cash to buy any Green Stuff for myself to help me build my Autarch. But since I’ve been wanting more and more to get my army playable, I’m becoming more willing to experiment if it means getting things done.

So, I did some research, and found this little gem. From what he says on his blog, he used basic hardware store epoxy putty to completely mold from scratch jetbike chassis for a squad of six eldar jetbikes, and used leftover bits from wave serpent/falcon sprues to build the rest. So this inspired me. The main thing I needed my greenstuff for was to make one or two extra warp jump generator carapaces for my autarch and possibly a secondary one should I have the available limbs, torsos and desire to have more than one weapon layout. And as basic hardware store epoxy putty suffices for the thick jetbike chassis, it will no doubt suffice for the thick carapace I needed. So off to Canadian Tire I went and picked up some Mighty Putty. For a paltry $11 after tax, I was able to purchase more of Billy Mays’ favourite all-purpose putty than I could have got green stuff for several times the price.

Now, I’ve done a lot of research on the subject, and the main reason many modders advise against Mighty Putty is two reasons. One, it hardens in about five minutes and essentially needs to be carved after that. And two, it hardens much too hard to replace delicate plastic pieces, more into a chunk of rock or concrete than into a hardened plastic. But as I will be using it mainly to replace thick metal pieces by making molds and then pressing fresh putty into the cured molds, flexibility and working time is essentially a non-issue as thick metal pieces aren’t supposed to bend. I had been warned that it had a strong smell, but having foolishly worked in closed quarters with fiberglass dust and paint fumes, I felt I could deal with any chemical smell.

So, I arrived home and after spending some time with the family and Deb had gone to bed, it was time to try out my new miracle putty and make Billy proud. No sooner had I opened a tube and cut off a suitable chunk to cast a mold, was I hit with an odor not entirely unlike a clogged ceptic tank. Why Billy? Why didn’t you warn us of this terrible evil curse surrounding your beloved putty? The immediate reaction of dropping it on the floor and trying to kill it was a difficult foe to beat, but beat it I did. And so I proceeded to spend the next 3 minutes rubbing this foul-smelling clay between my weakening hands, each squeeze producing another noseful of decomposing sulfur. And it got really warm as the chemical reaction took place. But eventually, I placed the putty, fully kneaded, onto a small piece of paper and pressed the carapace down into the blob, and then carefully removed it. And lo and behold, a perfect impression! So I set the mold aside to cure and quickly went to wash off my now sticky hands and carapace. So I’m pleasantly optimistic that this will provide the results I’m looking for. I’ll see tonight how well the mold has cured.


Thank you Billy Mays, thank you, you crazy frenetic bastard.

Concerning the hunt for Green Stuff

Hey guys, decided I’d make a post out fo this rather than flooding the chat some more. Well, after some poking around, the best overall price for buying any of the epoxies commonly used for miniature modifying is either or The only place that beats them is, of course, eBay. Now, sells their green stuff for $20, but has much lower shipping ($7.59 for an order of one roll of Green Stuff and a brick of Brown Stuff, which I’ve read is better for sharp details). The war store sells Green Stuff for $12.99 but has twice the shipping price ($15.00 flat rate to Canada). This might make it seem like a no-brainer to go with The War Store, but offers bulk bundles, for an extra $18, you triple your order of Green Stuff (or add ), so now, you’re looking at $38 for 3 bricks as opposed to $39 at the War Store, which seems negligible until you remember the lower shipping at This comes out to a final total of $45.59 from greenputty vs $53.97 from the war store. Both places offer both the tape and rod varieties of Green Stuff at the same prices.

So really it’s a matter of what you want to get a lot, or a little. By the same token, If you really wanted to go nuts, offers a bulk bundle of 24 units of green stuff by adding $200 to the base of $20. So, to compare if you really needed a lot of green stuff, to say, build a bookshelf out of or something you would be looking at $227.59 from greenputty, or $346.76 from the war store. The savings!

And just for the fun of it, what does Games Workshop charge you for the same amounts of green stuff? Well, assuming you go the cheapest route and buy it in-person at the GW store.  For one package of the stuff it comes out to only$13.80 after tax! But oh, wait, that’s for a third of the amount so it’s really $41.40 for the equivalent of one brick. Or, if we wanted 3 bricks worth, it would be $124.20. And lastly, how does GW compare to the massive bulk order of 24 bricks of green stuff? With a whopping $993.60 after tax, that’s how!

The moral of the story, don’t go with GW unless you really only need a little of the stuff and don’t ever intend to use it again.

Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 7

Alrighty, I finally got around to priming the Orks from the Assault on Black Reach starter set I got… last year. So I decided to do a test painting on a single Ork. While they’re supposed to look messy, I find that they’re a bit tougher to paint than marines. Marines are easy because they have a lot of large, simple surfaces, and not too many small details. I find, if you want to do a good job, the Orks have a ton of little fiddly bits that you have to be careful to avoid mucking up. Being that this was my first Ork, I had to make a lot of corrections, which unfortunately don’t look wonderful after you’ve already applied inks. That said, it was a ton of fun and I can’t wait to get painting the whole army. It’s also very nice to have a change of pace from painting all those marines (and all that brown — I’m sure I’ll be sick of green soon). When I’ve got more painted, expect some more pictures to illustrate my progress. I’m looking to get this army all good to go ASAP!


John’s Warhammer Adventure

Hey all, figured I’d post a progress update on how my army is coming along. Biggest bit of news, Deb’s birthday present to me was a trip to Le Valet on Saturday, whereupon she had me pick a bunch of stuff and bought it for me. Most notably a Seer Council boxed set for my Eldar army. This now means that I have 2 farseers and 3 warlocks at my disposal. She also got me several boxes of the new D&D miniatures, the pre-painted ones, we’re thinking of introducing Bry and his Cousin Jasmine to D&D and felt that using the minis, which are really inexpensive by miniatures standards, would be a good visual appeal to the whole process.

Hey all, figured I’d post a progress update on how my army is coming along. Biggest bit of news, Deb’s birthday present to me was a trip to Le Valet on Saturday, whereupon she had me pick a bunch of stuff and bought it for me. Most notably a Seer Council boxed set for my Eldar army. This now means that I have 2 farseers and 3 warlocks at my disposal. She also got me several boxes of the new D&D miniatures, the pre-painted ones, we’re thinking of introducing Bry and his Cousin Jasmine to D&D and felt that using the minis, which are really inexpensive by miniatures standards, would be a good visual appeal to the whole process.

Anyway, that aside, and back to my eldar army. I also did a re-count of my figures and it turns out I had a fieldable squad of Warp Spiders all along! So, after updating my army list, my totals are:
Army Total w/o Wargear: 1576
Fieldable Army Total w/o Wargear: 1386
Current Battleforce, Wargear in: 1249

So that puts me at a current battleforce build of:

2 Farseers
3 Warlocks

4 Dire Avengers + 1 Exarch
10 Guardians
8 Ranger Pathfinders

Fast Attack
4 Warp Spiders + 1 Exarch

Heavy Support
1 War Walker
1 Heavy Weapon Platform
1 Wave Serpent Transport

So I’m quite pleased with my army list and now that I’ve got that taken care of, I’ve started on assembly the units for my battleforce that you guys go tme for my birthday, and even have some photos!

So, I spent a couple hours carefully picking through my battleforce box on Saturday night checking to see which units I had instructions for and which I didn’t and which would be the easiest to start with. So eventually I realized that I had no instructions for heavy weapons platform and its two accompanying guardians. The had pretty easily identifiable pices and since they had no instructions I figured if I could puzzle them out, there would be less guess-work later when I moved on to the guardians, which also had no instructions. So, first I put the weapons platform together and opted for the eldar missile launcher mount as it offers two missile choices and provides a blast weapon with a good range and strength. I got it together quite easily, and the turret portion turns nicely should I want it to move, and the hover base seats cleanly into the baseplate, so I was pleased. I then moved on to the two crew guardians for the platform, they had their legs, and chests as a single piece on the sprue, so I only need to glue on the back, arms, heads and any accesories, which I did. There was a loose Shuriken catapult for the guardian that couldn’t hold his, so I glued it fo his back, making it look kind of like an antenna, which sounds weird, but actually fit the styling of the eldar units surprisingly well. Please excuse my pictures, I took them with my cell phone.

Surveying the field
Surveying the field
Assault at White Loaf
Assault at White Loaf

So, quite pleased with my assembled minis, but very tired, I went to bed. Then last night, Deb was tired and decided to turn in around 10:30, so I took the opportunity to assemble the rest of my guardians. Having done the other two succefully, I felt more confident to tackle the rest of the little buggers. Of course, the standard guardians, unlike the weapon crew ones, come in 10 pieces instead of 5. So, I very carefully cut the pieces for one guardian out fo the sprue, made sure they my cuts were clean and satisfactory, then began meticulously glueing them together in sequence. It went really slow, but went well. So I tried another, my morale boosted, quicker, but just as well-assembled. So here I was now fully sure of what I was doing, and what sorts of freedoms and lee-ways I had when assembling the figures and I began to carefully stream-line the process. By the time I had finished the first 4, I had determined a method to quickly, effectively, and easily assemble the last 4 guardians simultaneously, adding slight variations to poses and placements to make the squad look more dynamic and life-like. Take a look:


Hanging with the Heavies
Hanging with the Heavies

So far I’m very pleased with my progress so far, next up is likely going to be the war-walker and then the dire avengers. The Wave Serpent I’m likely going to leave for last as I need to do it in two parts since I have to prime and paint the cockpit before I can fully glue the thing together. So, I’ll leave you with two more pics, one of my Seer Council units, and a very blurry one of my currently fieldable army.



How goes it?

How goes it everyone? Hope all is going well. Things are looking up over here. Things have been more on the up and up then they have been in a long time. So it’s creating overall positiveness.

Been painitng my Immolator on and off. It’s going quite well I suppose. White paint is not exactly easy to play with but otherwise things are too my satisfaction. Very basic stuff. On one section that is hidden I tried some black gesso primer diluted with a bit of water. I wanted to see the feasibility of using other non citadel products. It worked out really well and quite pleased with the texture. Basically one container of this gesso acrylic paint is equivalent to about 11 – 12 bottles of citadel paint. The Immolator itself is coming along. A few guns to paint and touch ups and it should be all done. Ready for the war…so then we need to paint the troops lol

Started playing Warhammer online. This came about by the painitng enthusiasm as well as a mix of both a book I am reading and some new information gleamed from the patch updates for the game. They have fixed a lot of things lately and pretty happy with it from my early goings. Now you may have heard that a lots of subs dropped off but thats probably normal considering that back then the game needed more oomph.  From what I am reading in interviews, see in patches is that it’s here and coming. Quests are being added, dungeons being added, two already new classes with two new ones on the way. All which were missing from release. In june there is a new area, that of the Tomb Kings which should be pretty awesome. I think it’s just very hard financially and perception wise to stay strong as an MMO against the WoW juggernaut. People don’t like to wait and see if it grows and I have a sense that along with missing elements is due to the recent drop off of subs.I also think the lack of official community site really burned them. But everyone learns I suppose as thats another thing on the way along with also the major cities that were cut. Essentially the game that should have come out which is kind of sad to say.

Either way I made a Knight of the Burning Flame. Picked a med pop server and begun the journey. Just some quickies I noticed was that performance has increased, more quests and a live event. It unfortunately ended just when I resubbed but there is another one starting which if you do whatever you can have early access to the new classes. One being the Orc Choppa! Should be interesting. I was able to do two public scenarios which were pretty cool.

Aside from that been playing Jericho. Cool game though kind of annoying. Basically you control a squad of soldiers who have powers of some sort. Your in an ancient city to fight this evil about to be released. The game itself is entertaining as I like the story. The game is setup in small levels which is good as you feel like you get more done and bad in the each one has a cut scene. This is good and bad depending on what I mentioned. One thing that is aggravating is there is not much controlling to do with your squad. So they die really easy and fast making you restart the level. This is my biggest aggravation as difficulty ranges from sleep walking to wtf just sat on me.

And yeah that pretty much it over here. Oh, go see Friday the 13th. Me and Neil went to go see it last friday obviously and it was fantastic. An awesome reboot with lots of easter eggs. It was actually kinda scary and not much cheese.

Painting once more!

So as it was with Curt i have found new inspiration to paint after playing DoW2. This weekend I have been aiming to be as relaxed as possible, and painting really does keep your mind off of things…

So, after seven hours of X-Files yesterday I managed to paint up almost my entire second squad. I have all of their main area’s done, just have some small details left on their boots and flashlight guns (I thought you would laugh at that comment Curt). Then it’s a matter of painting their imperial insignia’s and their done. The one thing that gets me though is I spent all this time doing it assembly line style and I missed a guy. *Smack Head*. My second vox-caster troop got left behind when i grabbed my men. So I unfortunately still have one soldier sporting undercoat black, sexy.

I am totally psyched to get them finished up today and display two done squads. I still need to go over all of them for fine details, but they will atleast be table ready. Once i finish them up today i think i will be working on the Leman Russ next.  If i apply what I have learned so far about painting to the tank I think it will look pretty damn fantastic, that’s my hope anyways.

So I am now officially starting to shop around for my command squad and possibly a kasrkin squad to act as stormtroopers. Although no matter what by the end of February I will have my command squad, so by March I should atleast be able to field a 500 point “army”. There is so much to buy!

I do think I will need to buy stock in brushes though. No matter how careful you are with them they still really don’t take that long until they end up in the “whatever” pile of brushes. Although I know I am getting better at taking care of them cause this last fine detail brush has been going strong for a good while now.

Come on Carl! I will need something to shoot at soon! I will be organizing the back half of my basement into my little gaming area this week. Chris’s old kitchen island i took years ago is going to be my gaming surface/worktable. The surface, as is, is already about two and a half feet by four and a half feet. I may modify it a bit to make it larger 😉 . So I will finally be starting work on terrain soon, I can’t wait. Been looking at model railroader magazine for some inspiration. Muahahaha!

Curt’s Warhammer 40k Adventure, part 6

It’s been so long since I made one of these posts, I figured it might be fun to do a sort of “state of the union” post.  Nearly a year ago (9 months – eep!) I last posted about getting a Space Marine Megaforce. I wanted to do a better job of painting the miniatures in this set than I did with the starter set, but as a result, things progressed very slowly and there really wasn’t much to blog about (in my opinion at the time). Then summer came, D&D 4e came out, I changed jobs, etc, etc, etc. Suffice it to say, Warhammer sort of slipped through the cracks, and after the end of September, I stopped painting altogether.

But now, with the advent of the Dawn of War 2 multiplayer beta, I’ve rekindled the flame. After a short game against Neil (predictably, he whupped me), I broke out the miniatures in their half-state of completion and got back to it. Being that I didn’t blog any of the initial part of the Megaforce experience, I figure a short recap is in order.

After getting over my initial fears of doing things wrong, I decided to jump into the kit with aplomb by just starting with one marine. Within a short amount of time, I had assembled all of the marines in the kit, as well as the Dreadnought. The toughest part were the tanks, which are still largely incomplete. I had decided that I would use rare earth magnets to make them modular. With just a few tiny magnets, I could turn a Predator into a Razorback into a Rhino. This didn’t really work out, and my fear of doing it fataly wrong kept me from really sticking to it. As it is, I should be able to have the Razorback and the Rhino be interchangable, but due to how the side sponsons are mounted on the Predator compared to the hatches on the APCs, it’d just be easier to make it a tank and a tank alone. I’m okay with this. I don’t imagine I’ll really need to change it around much once it’s built. If I desperately need another APC, I suppose I’ll just have to shell out some money down the road. That said, I still haven’t actually finished them, so there’s time to think this over a bit more. I found that with some of the magnets I already added (for the portholes on the top-front of the tanks) seemed to come unglued from the cardstock I used to mount them. I’ll have to get some crazy glue or something.

After priming everything up (save the tanks, that is), I noticed that my primer must have been getting thicker than it was when I first got it, as it started to clump in parts on some of the models. This is especially noticable on the Dreadnought, under the main chassis it’s lost a bit of detail. It’s pretty disappointing, but I figure I can just chip away some of the primer before I paint it up. A few of the marines had the same thing happen, typically where their forearm and bolter met, but it’s much less noticeable (obviously). The worst part was not noticing that it was a problem until it was too late and had dried.

A little discouraged, I decided to motor on. I started out painting all of the regular tactical marines and that went swimmingly. I learned a few things along the way and, while I’m still not great, I think my painting has improved. The idea I had was that by the time I paint up my command unit, then my painting skills would be good enough to really do them justice. This was not really the case, at least not how I imagined it, but they look serviceable enough. I think the difficulty with making an army of your own creation is that there are no real guidelines for colour schemes. You just sort of do what looks right as you go along. Half way through the units, I decided it might look better for their weaponry to be predominantly white and silver. White became a lot more of an important colour for the scheme, so I have to go back and revise some of my earlier marines to incorporate more of it.

Speaking of white paint, however, this brings me to another problem. Now that the majority of my units have been painted, I can’t really go back to revise this, but I really should have primed them all in white initially. The problem being that with their secondary colour being white, it doesn’t cover black quite as nicely as I’d like it to. Perhaps it’s the batch of white paint I’ve got, or my inexperience, or both; but I’m not entirely thrilled with how the white paint goes over the shoulders and such. This is especially noticeable with any marines with white helmets, like the Apothecary and the Assault squad captain. All the little details really make the white paint look thin, so I keep having to add more layers of white to make it look decent. Furthermore, the sleeves and pants of the Scout marines are also white, and it’s noticeable there as well, but not nearly as much as the helmets of other marines.

Phew, that’s really a mouthful, but now you’re all caught up. Monday night I cracked open everything, making sure to completely ignore my discouraging half-made tanks and got to work on my Scouts and my Assault marines. On the latter I really just touched some things up, now that the light in the kitchen is much brighter, it’s much easier to work in there in the evenings. As for the former, I painted their hair and cloaks and touched up some paint mistakes from earlier. I used the foundation green that came with the set. I haven’t had much use for it just yet, but it really went well as the Scout’s cloaks. It kind of reminded me of the rebel ponchos from Endor in Star Wars. It was only an hour of painting, but it was nice to get back into it. Hopefully it won’t be long before I’ve got the whole Megaforce done and I’m moving on to the Assault on Black Reach models.

Speaking of which, I swung by Heroes’ World today at lunch and snapped up a certain codex for some planning. The current plan: more Orks! Of course, I want all of my marines and armour completely done before I buy a single unit; but now’s a good time to start dreaming. 🙂

Sergeant unveiled!!!

Fruits of my labor!
Fruits of my labor!

So this is my Sergeant. My original color scheme had the brown actually as a shade of orange, but in the end i figured i wanted something a bit more practical and realistic. So i started with a base coat of Mordian Blue for the armor and Calthan Brown for the fatigues. I then went over the armor with Shadow Grey, the fatigues then got dosed with Snakebite Leather. For the highlights (or the attempted highlights) i hit a hint of Space Wolves Grey to the armors edges and for lack of other options highlighted the fatigues with a light dab of Tallarn Flesh.

Not 100% satisfied with the job on the fatigues, the highlights and shades are not super noticeable (especially in this photo) but overall i am very happy with how it all has turned out so far. I may add a slight hint of Gunmetal over the armor to simulate scraps and dings in the armor for wear and tear. I did that in the begginning over the Mordian Blue and it looked pretty snazy.

The skin has not worked out too anything to dramatic yet, picked up some Dwarf Flesh, so hopefully can make it a touch more dramatic later on.

Looking forward to getting some feed back. i know it is just one image, but i will have more up soon.

Building an Army: Day 4

So yeah, that primer worked great…except for the fact i didn’t even have enough to finish priming my Leman Russ. It is 90% done, all i need to do is prime the top hatch, crewman, pintle mounted auto-cannon, and the spot light but i ran out of spray. Oh, and the two side mounted heavy bolters. The can i got was the biggest they had at $10 bucks. I might be able to shake a bit more out of it, but i doubt it. Sigh…

Didn’t get much done today. Still have nine troops to put together, i spent nearly two hours cutting, trimming, and shaving legs then decided to work on the tank. Looking pretty sweet though so far.

So that’s pretty much it for day 4. It is pretty fun working with the spray, it covers so well. Glad i used it instead of trying to paint on an undercoat with a brush. Thanks Curt 🙂

Building an Army: Day 3

So yeah, not that it really matters i did not have a chance to do a day 3 report yesterday. Progress was made though! I now have a full ten man squad all built with an extra sergeant. So now i only have nine more men to assemble and to finish the tank. I am hoping to get that done today.

I had a chance to test out my matte black spray as a primer on an extra tank tread i had lying around, just to see how it spreads. It worked beautifully, a quick burst from the can and i got a nice fast drying even coat of primer. So things look to be going well.

I am hoping to have the assembly done today and maybe even the whole lot primed up. Then i will be spending time reviewing more painting vids on youtube and reading as much as possible on painting before i start. Atleast i have the color scheme picked out already. I may post my example from the army painter in Dawn of War so people can get an idea of what i will be aiming for.

Is it a big deal to not use modelers putty or what ever it is called to fill whatever small gaps between pieces you may have on your models after assembly? Or will the primer fill most of those? I don’t have many gaps, most models have none, but to get some poses the way i wanted i have slight gaps. My tank also has a slight one on the front of the main chassis. The bottom piece had warped a bit and it made it tough to glue it together right, and when i got it right it still managed to separate a bit due to the warping…

Visual Blog of “Building an Army” Series!

So i am finally sitting down to put a few pics up of my adventures so far in warhammer miniature modeling. They are nothing to amazing just yet, but it is better then nothing. So without further ado!

By the way, the flash media thingy is annoying. It would not let me sort my photo’s in the order i wanted! So the pics are not in order. Clicking on the pic will open a window with the pic and the description and title, those will help explain it a bit.

Building an Army: Day 2

Yep day 2 is now complete. I feel like very little progress was made today, but in reality i did not do too badly. I was unable to work on it as much as i had wanted today, but i have still managed to complete two sergeants (number two came out pretty well i would say, very happy with his pose.) aside from accessories like grenades and belt items. I also now have nine torso’s with legs ready to go. Took me two hours to be all anal and shave those legs, torsos and heads as near perfect as i could…

I am really noticing the size difference between the guard and space marines. The guard seem so tiny! I am figuring for my flamer and grenade launcher guys i will leave their weapons off until i prime them, may even leave them off until i fully paint them too. It will be hard to paint them up while they wield their special weapons.

I am hoping to have atleast one full squad all glued up tomorrow. I am also planning on hitting Ted’s Hobby shop after my interview too see about scoring some primer spray. Then i can finish my Leman Russ 🙂 I figure tomorrow i will see about putting up some pics. Whats a good photo sharing site? Flickr? Photobucket? Taking suggestions/recommendations!
On a side note i think i may have actually finalized a color scheme. I have a strong potential in mind. I ended up playing a skirmish in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade today. I was playing in the army painter working on the colors for my Underdogs. I had two potential schemes but they both seemed to be lacking something. Then, having a brain storm, i decided to play with them a bit and combine the best elements from both schemes together. I ended up really liking the color scheme. So the skirmish was so i could see my colors in action, lol.  Obviously dawn of war is not the best place to plan your overall colors due to the limitations of the painter, but i still find it works better then the crappy one on the 40k website.

So i guess that really sums up today. Two completed sergeants and a squad of dismembered troops, woohoo! So ends day 2!

Building an Army: Day 1

So day one of my army building saga has come to a close. I spent most of the afternoon/evening clipping, shaving, trimming, and finally even gluing my Leman Russ battle tank. It has been a very enjoyable day. I forgot how much i enjoyed model building and the like.

I turned on Band of Brothers for inspiration while i played with my tank. I assembled the treds and attached it to the main chassis. I did some work on the main turret and a few other parts of the tank but left them unattached to the chassis to make priming/painting later on easier. Thanks to Curt’s tip though, next vehicle i build will be primed before any assembly work. Seems to make more sense.

I have been taking pictures, so eventually i will post the visual guide to my Warhammer odyssey. Tomorrow i will be assembling the troops. Going to leave the completion of the tank until i can pickup some primer spray.

I am very much considering my color scheme choices right now. I do not have a set one in mind just yet. It is not something i want to rush into just yet, i may even ask for opinions later on. I figure once i am fully assembled then i will truly tackle the color issue.

My only beef with the box set is that they do not provide you with any other build options for the Leman Russ. It came with the plans for the Demolisher configuration but not the hardware to build it. So it is a stock Leman. I can’t even put on the optional side mounted dual heavy flamers that Leman Russ’s have the option of selecting. But it is all good, i am going to have more tanks later on anyways 😉

So that has been a rough break down of my experience thus far. So ends day 1…

Good Warhammer Deals!

Well, for anyone interested in collecting armies for Warhammer 40k, here is a nice little site i stumbled across. The bonus tot his one is it is a Canadian based site, which means it is nice discounts on Canadian prices! Their prices seem to be on par with Le Valet although i am not sure what the shipping fee’s will be like.

Example: Battle for Maccrage originally $85, on this site it is $63.75

The site itself is very well done. It has some nice flare and design to it in the form of a fun themed medieval bazaar. Well worth the look. Just head over to the shopping section and click on the “Miniature games -> Warhammer 40k” sections.


Hobby Kingdom.

They have a store in Burlington Ontario! 😯