The Jace Hall Show

Jace Hall was one of the co-founders of Monolith, who made Blood and Shogo, among other things. He’s since branched out and one of the things that he’s been doing is the reality show the Jace Hall Show. It’s funny, but this episode is especially good cause of a visit to Blizzard and a rematch between Dolph Lundgren and Carl Weathers (who fought in Rocky IV).


Holy shit! This is seriously awesome. Jaroo is a new site that lets you watch cartoons online, and they’ve got A LOT of them! Of particular interest, they’ve got Zelda, Captain N, and StarCom. Hopefully more will be added later.


FanExpo 2009

So, Amanda and I are thinking it might be fun to go to FanExpo this year. The convention is like a celebration of all our geeky interests in one big place. Comics, Sci-fi, Anime, Gaming, and Horror all rolled into one. The event is in downtown Toronto on the 28th of August to the 30th. Tickets are between $10 and $75, depending on which package you get. Bring your wives, your girlfriends, your friends, whoever you want! When we know who’s coming, we can sort out the details of meeting near the convention centre and going in together, or whatever works best for everyone. Let me know if you’re interested!