FanExpo 2009

So, Amanda and I are thinking it might be fun to go to FanExpo this year. The convention is like a celebration of all our geeky interests in one big place. Comics, Sci-fi, Anime, Gaming, and Horror all rolled into one. The event is in downtown Toronto on the 28th of August to the 30th. Tickets are between $10 and $75, depending on which package you get. Bring your wives, your girlfriends, your friends, whoever you want! When we know who’s coming, we can sort out the details of meeting near the convention centre and going in together, or whatever works best for everyone. Let me know if you’re interested!

Action Figure Museum


In 2000, Kevin somehow convinced the town council of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma that they needed a museum or tourist attraction, and that his incredibly large collection of toys and action figures should be it. In 2005, the museum opened up, and in 2009 you found out about it and tried to figure out a good reason to go to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

Kevin Stark has a bit of an obsession with collecting action figures. But instead of hiding his nerdy hobby, he’s turned it into a business by opening The Toy and Action Figure Museum.

via Gizmodo

Bill Gates releasing many bugs on purpose

Believe me, it’s not at all what you think.

In what is probably the coolest conference-talk attention grab I’ve ever heard of, Bill Gates apparently just released a swarm of mosquitoes into the crowd at TED, the geniuses-only mind meld. Holy shit.

“Not only poor people should experience this,” the Tweetosphere has Gates saying as he released the swarm into the audience. Malaria is a cause that Bill and Melinda have been hitting hard with their philanthropy, and this is certainly a way to drive that point home.

No word yet on the size of said swarm, or confirmation that they weren’t actually infected with malaria for that matter, but as far as stunts go, this is prit-tay fucking awesome. We would know.

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Granny fails driving test 771 times

This is like that guy in India who couldn’t pass 9th grade or whatever it was.

A dogged South Korean grandmother has failed her driving test 771 times, police said Thursday, but a local newspaper reported she will keep trying.

The 68-year-old, identified only by her last name Cha, has taken the test almost every working day since 2005 in the southwestern city of Jeonju. She failed again Monday for the 771st time.

“It was a record-breaking number here,” Choi Yong-Cheol, a police sergeant supervising the test in the city’s Deokjingu district, told AFP.

“I wonder if she will try it again for a 772nd time.”

via Yahoo News